LEVEL 1 - 3

Known as the “the art of eight limbs”, it involves eight points of contact using the fists, elbows, knees, and legs. Clinches and defense moves such as blocking with the shin and evasion are also used in Muay Thai. It is a traditional combat sport and one of the most engaging martial arts using all our eight limbs.

Refuel's Muay Thai class is 60 mins long and little to traditional beliefs, we are dedicated to ensure a safe and controlled learning environment while still focusing on techniques and movements. We also strongly encourage a positive atmosphere to ensure that everyone will be able to train, grow and enjoy the sessions with us.

Our classes are progression based where each member will have to go through different levels, with each level catering to your different needs and skills. You have to learn and proper various basic techniques and skills before you are qualified to level up.

Muay Thai is one of the most commonly-used martial arts during real-life encounters. Muay Thai promotes fitness and confidence to every individual. In today's context, it is highly popular among corporate and fitness junkie due to its level of engagement and intensity.


  • Greatly improves your cardiovascular health

  • Improvement in overall physical traits

  • Boost confidence and powerful mind

  • Intense cardio workout that burns calories

  • Effective self-defense and striking techniques

  • Sharpens reflexes and improve balances

  • Increase coordination and confidence


Muay Thai Burn

Finding the perfect workout for your legs and glutes? In 45 minutes, our Muay Thai Burn includes footwork, coordinative movements, activation of leg muscles as well as power and repetition . From skipping to kicking heavy bags and drilling techniques – here's where you supplement your legs day!


Apart from internalizing the techniques, your cardio and endurance is key to the improvement you will see in your daily activities. It is a core component and focus area for most martial art students, from beginners to competitive fighters.


If you are looking for stronger core, lean and tone arms and legs, Muay Thai Burn is the workout for you.