LEVEL 1 - 3

Boxing as the dictionary goes, is the sport or practice of fighting with the fist especially with padded gloves. It involves using various punches, footwork, head movements and defense techniques.  In today's practice, Boxing is used as a form of holistic workout engaging the mind and body. 

Refuel Boxing class is 60 mins long and you'd be sure to learn the best with our certified Boxing coach! We are dedicated to ensure a safe and controlled learning environment while still focusing on techniques and movement. We also strongly encourage a positive atmosphere to ensure that everyone will be able to train and grow.

Our classes are progression based where each member will have to go through different levels, with each level catering to your different needs and skills. You would have to learn fundamentals while taking up various techniques and skills before you are qualified to level up.


  • Greatly improves your cardiovascular health

  • Improvement in overall physical traits

  • Achieve your fitness health and goals

  • Burn calories and rev up your metabolism

  • Ability to defend own self and others

  • Great mood booster and stress reliever

  • Increase coordination and confidence



Boxing burn is a great form of cardio that offers a high-intensity interval training (HIIT). In 45 mins, you will be experiencing a total body workout where you will be working on your speed, endurance and stamina. Apart from burning off the calories and working on the body transformation, you will also have loads of fun.


HIIT involves intervals of intense exercise with short breaks in between which affects your body dramatically, giving better results. HIIT focuses on transforming your body through burning fat and gaining lean muscle at the same time, rather than just ‘losing weight.’ 


Boxing Burn is highly recommended to supplement your boxing training at Refuel. With constant burning sessions in just a few months, you can realize a life-changing difference!


Boxing Burn will help you to relieve stress, boost your mood, and hopefully amplify your creativity and capacity, making you feeling recharged and satisfied.